Justin Skolnick lives and works in Portland.


with One Design Company

A brisk internal meeting taught me that we were prepping the site’s front-end for integration with the client's Rails back-end; that the client would handle AJAX calls, though we’d lay the groundwork; that the designs implied a complex set of presentation layer interactions; that we were sure it would be responsive, but not whether that meant optimizing for devices or scaling all the way up and down. In the end, the site would prove to be as much of a UX exercise as a technical challenge.

Beside the responsive design and JavaScript-heavy interface, the CSS progressively enhanced with round corners and multiple backgrounds, while gracefully degrading to preserve the user experience regardless of browser support for compound box-shadows. The process was unwittingly Agile and, all said, pretty fun.


  • Front-end development: HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript/jQuery
  • Dashboard

    Dashboard, 2012

    Schedulable tasks occupy the left, with selected providers on the right.

  • Dashboard with selection

    Dashboard with selection, 2012

    Step one of many.