Justin Skolnick lives and works in Portland.

The Raue Center for the Arts

When I met the Raue Center’s Operations Manager, I was already working on a web app for local events. My app needed a design; they needed a functioning admin system. Our needs blended perfectly.

Visually, I modeled the site on the theatre’s renovated interior — a mock Spanish village of clay and stucco, with burgundy furnishings below a blue star-studded ceiling. The screenshots here depict the second incarnation of the layout, the first being a more literal representation of the theatre, the third involving new hues and some widgets.

Behind the curtain was a fully custom interface that enabled the Raue’s staff to manage every detail relevant to the promotional needs of a showcase theatre. Events could have one date or four, and could be categorized multiply; tickets came at one price, two, or none. The flexibility was crucial to their operation. I spent months fine-tuning the algorithms that queried the database.


  • Graphic design
  • Front-end development: XHTML and CSS
  • Application development: PHP and MySQL
  • Home


    Two lists of upcoming events, both fully staff-editable.

  • Event detail

    Event detail

    Expanded section navigation at left. Here, event categories.