Justin Skolnick lives and works in Portland.


Moso Graphics

When their off-the-shelf timeclock app broke beyond repair, Moso quickly hand-rolled a web-based replacement. The replacement was a workable solution but in no way a permanent one. Rather than adapt their business to fit existing third-party software, Moso commissioned me to develop MTime.

Just like a traditional punch-card device, the UI runs on a single terminal in the shop. Once they’ve clocked in for a shift, employees get a clear readout of the hours they’ve logged per shift per day. Moso’s administrative staff can access the same data by means of a private interface for viewing, editing, and exporting employee reports per pay period.

I met their minimal requirements with a custom MVC app and a utilitarian design, both of which lay the groundwork for future revisions.


  • Graphic design
  • Front-end development: HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript/jQuery
  • Application development: PHP and MySQL
  • Time entry screen

    Time entry screen, 2013

    Once logged in, employees can clock in and out.

  • Reports dashboard

    Reports dashboard, 2013

    Beside quick access to report details, admins get a snapshot of the current week.

  • Report editing

    Report editing, 2013

    In-place report editing via contenteditable and some fancy JavaScripting.