Justin Skolnick lives and works in Portland.


Wartburg College

My freshman residence assistant held the morning slot on student-run KWAR. One night he and his cohost took a seat on my roommate’s futon and asked if I’d build a site for their show. I couldn’t refuse.

The staff took a liking to my work. Before long I was brought in to see “the Godfather,” station manager Jay Boeding. Jay sat me down, looked me in the eye, and asked if I would do for the station’s site what I did for Chris and Nate’s show. Yes sir, I said, I would.

My first redesign was black-and-white, with the station logo set in Wartburg orange. To link the site’s two narrow columns, I put a swoosh around the logo. Could I animate the swoosh? Sure, I could animate it.

With the site’s launch, I had their full faith to design whatever thing looked cooler than the last. Summer brought a slim site to match their lighter schedule. In fall, I clipped furniture from a Sears catalog to evoke the look of a thrifted dorm. Faculty advisor Jeffrey Stein conceded that while he didn’t get the “lounge-1” concept at first, in time it made sense, and in any case he trusted my judgment.


  • Graphic design
  • Front-end development: XHTML and CSS
  • Application development: Some weird tagging system
  • 50th anniversary

    50th anniversary, 2001

    I mangled the web server’s proprietary tag system to auto-load the day’s schedule. The color scheme was inspired by a can of High Life.

  • KWAR “lounge-1”

    KWAR “lounge-1”, 1999

    The look? A little bit of vintage, a little bit of dumpster diving.

  • Summer site

    Summer site, 1999

    A slimmed-down site for a lazy season. I don’t remember the name of the typeface, but it was freeware and at the time I liked it very much.

  • The Kitchen: index

    The Kitchen: index, 2001

    The Kitchen was the station’s intranet, accessible on the studio iMac.

  • The Kitchen: site update

    The Kitchen: site update, 2001

    A simple file-based content management system kept the public site’s content fresh.