Justin Skolnick lives and works in Portland.

English and Modern Languages

Wartburg College

The English and Modern Languages site was a work-study project arranged through my academic advisor. In retrospect, the product of our brainstorming was quite ambitious and more demanding than the faculty had time for or interest in.

Like much of my web site work at Wartburg, the EML site pressed the limits of the school’s primitive server technology and the community’s web savvy. Semi-rural northeast Iowa lagged a few years behind my sense of what a website could be and do. To the Iowans’ great credit, their patience was a decade ahead of mine.

The play of shadows in the English department’s wing of Luther Hall inspired the angular design, though it was pointed out that the negative space suggests an AT-AT. A happy accident. I’d recently discovered Trade Gothic and found it literary, for reasons I remain at a loss to explain.


  • Graphic design
  • Front-end development: XHTML and CSS
  • Application development: Some weird tagging system
  • Home page

    Home page

    I’d never written site navigation so verbose. Note the “course resources” quickpick menu.

  • Faculty bio

    Faculty bio

    Unlike most of his colleagues, Dr. Hedeen enjoyed writing about himself.

  • Course resources

    Course resources

    Syllabi for current students, syllabi for prospective students.