Justin Skolnick lives and works in Portland.

Cadence & Slang

by Nick Disabato

Friend and neighbor Nick Disabato asked me and a handful of others to read through the manuscript of his Kickstarter-funded book, Cadence & Slang.

A scan of his manuscript revealed that Nick knows what he’s talking about, and knows it better than anyone I’ve met in the industry. Since he gave his editors the freedom to edit the text as we saw fit, I checked for clarity of expression, typically pointing out passages in need of greater explanation than he’d given. Then a relative novice, I found many passages that could stand elaboration, and he was grateful.

Midway through the editing process, Nick tweeted, “every time @justinskolnick suggests zero edits to a paragraph of text that i've written, an angel gets its wings.” By my hand few angels took flight.

As a final note, I had Nick look over my write-up here. He suggested edits, most of which were sound, and disputed the modest contribution I claim, contending my edits “were very far-reaching, from broad high-level issues to misplaced commas.” So be it.

  • Editorial

    Editorial, 2010

    Edits for the conclusion of Cadence & Slang, with insertions on the verso (not pictured). The last few pages of manuscript were folded, brought along to a local bar, and slipped into Nick’s bag while he was in the john.