Justin Skolnick lives and works in Portland.

Since my earliest adventures in HTML, I’ve made a goal of building simple, sustainable codebases with just enough technology to get the job done. Years later, some of my oldest work remains in active use.

I grew up in a house filled with stock art books, press-and-peel Letraset, and rides to drop off camera-ready art at trade journals. While friends bagged groceries, I was designing print ads and maintaining the website of an award-winning weekly newspaper.

My early advantages freed me to explore whatever interested me in college. The degrees I chose laid the groundwork for further study into how technology and creative culture shape the ways we see ourselves.

With the front-end as a focus, I’m happy jumping in wherever there’s need, from graphic and UI design to LAMP and Rails development. I’m intuitive and have a knack for translating technical concepts to clients.

Past clients and employers include Chicago’s Design­kitchen, VSA Partners, One Design Company, and Thirst. I’m looking for new opportunities in Portland.

  • Oprah’s Angel Network

    Oprah’s Angel Network, 2008

    Front-end development with DesignKitchen. Image courtesy Steve Polacek. View project »

  • AIGA Chicago

    AIGA Chicago, 2007

    Front-end development with ThirdWave LLC. Writeup pending.

  • <cite>The Castle</cite> Literary Magazine

    The Castle Literary Magazine, 1999

    Graphic design at Wartburg College. View project »