Justin Skolnick lives and works in Portland.

There, There

Originally posted to justin.revision8.com on in Cary, Illinois

[A visit from the Spirit of Consolation, who begins:]

How are you? You seem down.


It’s been awhile now.

Over two months.

Well, the weather’s turned up. You should enjoy it before winter.

As much as I can.

A gift from Mother Nature! Oh — I brought a card.

Thanks. I’ll put it with the others.

This is what I do…

Console, I know. I appreciate the gesture.

Won’t you read it?

Can something you say change what’s happened?

You’re alive and breathing, for one. That alone should lift your spirits.

Yes, my body functions. I watched her’s cease.

You had twenty years with her — more than anyone can ask. Plus, you’re in good shape. You’re eating well.

Decent shape, and eating.

A place to live…


A good job…

Don’t start.

A wonderful woman with you…

She is wonderful.

And your parents…


But still sad. What about your faith?


You know, Amanda’s with God now.

She wasn’t before?

In heaven, I mean.

You think so? And where am I?

With the living. God is with you in your grief and Amanda is at peace. Consider the trouble she’ll never need to confront.

Like losing a sibling.

Exactly! She’s better off. And you’re certain to see her again, in heaven.

You mean the resurrection. And I’m not certain.


A second life made perfect because this one’s beyond recovery.

Precisely! A consolation!

[Convinced of his success, he departs.]