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“either self-evident . . . or is, frankly, irrelevant”

Originally posted to blockquote.org on in Chicago, Illinois

Jazz vocalist and former Div School student Kurt Elling reflects on his time at UofC and the “influence” of his studies on his work.

I was there to try to answer deep level questions of meaning that were gnawing at me. While these questions were not answered ultimately, as many of the most important cannot be until death, I did arrive at some satisfactory working answers.

. . .

[A]ny “influence” the prolonged discussion of metaphysical questions has had on my work is either self-evident in the work itself or is, frankly, irrelevant to public discussion of my current work. As Saul Bellow put it, “[the artist’s] inwardness should be, deserves to be a secret about which nobody needs to get excited.”

I’ve been pressed before to give satisfactory justification for attending the Div School, beside explaining the seeming disparity between the “education” and “experience” halves of my resumé. To my mind, there’s no disparity and no need for apology.

Thanks for your words, Mr. Elling.