Justin Skolnick lives and works in Portland.

Race Relations

Originally posted to justin.revision8.com on in Waverly, Iowa

Approach: Ants unwanted in new apartment’s kitchen.
Decision: Eradicate.
Courses of Action:

  1. Method: Four (4) strategically placed RAID ant “motel” traps.
    Pros: Infrequent maintenance.
    Possible Complications: Traps ineffective — out of typical route(s); Insecticide too weak; “Motels” too obvious.
    Status: Ongoing (why not?).
  2. Method: Squashing and flushing.
    Pros: Fast; Efficient.
    Possible Complications: Ants escape; Mess on floor/wall/counter; Flush/squash incomplete.
    Status: Ongoing (as necessary).
  3. Method: Chase and trap under bottle caps, remove to anthill in walkway near the street.
    Pros: Amusing; Clean; Relatively nonviolent.
    Possible Complications: Uncertain longterm effectiveness.
    Status: Ongoing (got the queen).