Justin Skolnick lives and works in Portland.

Nights and Weekends

Originally posted to blockquote.org on in Chicago, Illinois

I desire a weekend because I have come to appreciate rest. Therefore a weekend is my goal for the week. It should start Saturday morning. No course work should want my attention past Friday night. This is the goal.

The goal will be accomplished by giving up the majority of my weeknights to course work. I am willing to do this because it happens that I so lose them regardless of intent. I lose them because as a graduate student at the University of Chicago I receive an unreasonable amount of course work. This is the reason I have few free nights.

You will note a problem here.

The sum total of assigned work exceeds what is reasonable to assign in considering the limited time given to complete it. The amount of time available for completing all assignments is itself less than the amount of time existing within a week. Thus the work is greater than the time. Because the work cannot thusly be completed within time, some work will not be completed.

A number of decisions must then follow, that is, to determine which work will not be completed. The type of work and the work’s value must be weighed against the value of the course for which it is assigned relative to the other courses for which work is assigned. Every term in this equation varies over the course of the quarter, though the course values remain high and thereby lend greater value to their respective assignments.

However, the value of courses decrease, and the work for each follows, in direct proportion to my sense of well being. If I desire to finish a great amount of work, and I also desire to rest from work, the amount of work must decrease to accommodate rest.

So it becomes a daily decision which assignments will be completed and which will not. Yet effort will be made to accomplish as much work as possible. As mentioned, the greater amount of work cannot be completed except at night in addition to effort made during daylight.

This is how it will work.

I would go into greater detail and with sounder logic were I not about to trace the edge of the penny beside my laptop with a pen, and to think very seriously about which pen to use from among the many pens within reach, and also about which piece of paper on my desk will receive the tracing. I am going to make dinner.