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Give me Liberty, or give me a Ka

Originally posted to blockquote.org on in Chicago, Illinois

And as part of the huge bet it is placing on the future direction of the troubled American auto industry, Ford will realign factories to manufacture more fuel-efficient engines and produce six of its next European car models for the United States market.

When a Ford dealer crushed my dream of importing a Ka, I settled on the two-door Escort Coupe I dumped within two years, on account of its epileptic speedometer, for a new Focus Sedan. The Focus’s relative agility on American roads makes an ironic reminder of the Focuses I saw labor through the sharp cobblestone tangles of Florence and Siena, where it was and no doubt remains a large vehicle.

Wandering a dealer’s lot last Saturday during an oil change, I learned the Focus is the current fleet’s smallest. Almost needless to add I was the only one wandering the lot.