Justin Skolnick lives and works in Portland.


Originally posted to blockquote.org on in Chicago, Illinois

My God, you can stay more or less happy doing your work and enjoying the flesh and the company of friends until you get a glimpse of the way poor people perceive the world.

Archimedes Nionakis in Andre Dubus’s “Land Where My Fathers Died”

It’s the same for the way wealthy people perceive the world.

And the moderately affluent, I mean the ones who go in for nice big fenced-in yards. These ones, along with the concealed carry set. But more and more it’s the commuters who find SUVs attractive, you know, in case there’s an accident. Then too, it’s the guys who get hepped up when dudes check out their girls, and it’s the girls who call the dudes creeps to keep them away. But it’s also the nominal creeps themselves, microaggressed from years of hearing they’re creeps.

It’s anybody who hasn’t learned how to live with people, how to maintain a peace. Before long anyone with a mind for other people’s problems feels the affliction as an affliction and speaks up or speaks out, though speaking is only naming the problem by a new name; it’s nothing like resolution.