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Originally posted to justin.revision8.com on in Woodstock, Illinois

Image: Bodhisattva

Meet Bodhisattva, a.k.a. the Christmas Chihuahua.

In Buddhist tradition, Bodhisattvas have reached enlightenment but, rather than ascending to Nirvana, remain on earth to help others. To judge by her behavior, Enlightenment must mean the enjoyment of simple things.

Bodhi’s favorite activities include sniffing and eating mulch, cobwebs, tissue paper, and bugs; gnawing plastic bottles and her rawhide bone, as well as any stuffed animal she can carry; luring my family’s middle-aged cats into bouts of swats and hisses; and sleeping under the covers. She’s momentarily ecstatic when rolling in dead things — recall Saul among the prophets.

Thanks to a newfound fondness for moist cat food, her digestive system has been productive, ultimately and aimlessly spurting jets of diarrhea from her tiny anus onto whatever happens to sit beneath it. Unfortunately for us, the pup fails to connect her intake with her generous output. We anticipate another night of scrambling to the laundry machine before the stink sets in. Vigilance, vigilance.