Justin Skolnick lives and works in Portland.

Bible-Based Update

Originally posted to justin.revision8.com on in Crystal Lake, Illinois

Woodstock’s Free Methodists changed their sign a week ago, though not before I caught my mistake. They weren’t “Bible-Believing,” as I reported, but rather “Bible-Based.” Now they are neither, and I can only speculate about the latest source of their practice.

Fine, I’m being silly. But cut me some slack. Just before Christmas the marquee spelled out a new message, for which I take credit:

“All are welcome.”

A pleasant thought. Their most recent post is somewhat perplexing:

“Where there’s a human being, there’s an opportunity.”

Which returns us to the original predicament. Are we talking faith or business? Whose opportunity (subject and object and so on) and for what?

In this chilly suburban apartment, my thoughts drift back to Rome’s sun-drenched streets: quick-lipped vendors, quick-fingered gypsies.