Justin Skolnick lives and works in Portland.


Originally posted to blockquote.org on in Chicago, Illinois

This morning I shipped a document proposing to set the course of my next three years. One month and a half from the go ahead to release the wheel, so long as I keep a foot on the gas. Reverse cruise control. My plans meanwhile:

  1. Nap.
  2. All this theory and I plow through fiction like sand. But you all who know me know I won’t stop, it’ll last maybe two paperbacks before I’m back collecting notes on the Reformation and Deconstruction and all. Make me read Faulkner again, hold me to it.
  3. Maybe I’ll ask a girl out. Been awhile.
  4. Coffee, the Times in print, chair in a street facing window.
  5. I’m gonna get buzzed on good beer and I’m gonna do it more than once. Tonight whatever the Handlebar’s got on tap, then I owe myself a four pack of Bourbon County Stout, then we’ll see.

Wish me luck.